The moment my jae comes to mind i feel like pulling my hair out in clumps at a time >_<


aigo sincha...
and to think they were all at their prime. I mean they're practically known world wide. Then suddenly everything goes downhill. They say what goes up must come down. I just wished they'd had done it together. I mean seeing my boys siding in different sides really is just dissapointing. Not that i'm not wishing wholeheartedly that they will put everything behind them and still remain as a 5 unit group. Though that seems to be getting farther asn farther away from reality T-T

I guess even if they did break up i wouldn't have minded so much if they were all ok with it. But if they seperated with ill feelings that would be really sad. andweh andweh andweh >_<

Ok I need to lay off dbsk for awhile, seriously bogging my mind at the moment.
I have documents to take care off.

newho.. keeping faith.. whatever shred there is left ^_^v

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