Off Balanced

Having your trust betrayed hurts.

Having your trust betrayed when you knew better hurts even more.

Having your trust betrayed by someone you've known for so long hurts like hell.

I've realized that i'm not good at talking about my emotions. Was never able to explain what i felt into words. So i would choose to just stay quiet, smile and say that nothing's wrong. I honestly hate holding grudges and being bitter.

But i guess being human... It would have to be the bitter me for a while. At least till I can convince myself that everything is just fine.


Sofie Shah said...


Anonymous said...

they might hv a reason 4 what they hv done 2 u..

Safura said...

@along: huh i think you already know..

@anonymous: true.. But it still doesn't change the fact much.. once bitten twice shy.

Anonymous said...

i still don't get it..but i think people that so close to you will understand u the most...try to get some advise from them..life is long dear..lots can happen..it may good or bad..

Safura said...


hait2.. i guess its a lesson learned ne ^_^v