My favorite Heroes ^_~

Just started practical training a few days ago. The day after touchdown in Malaysia i was already in the lab feeling absolutely clueless about everything. Figures right?

Jet lag does that to you.

And the next two days my sleep was haywire, so i trudged in and out of work half awake and probably looking stoned. Interestingly enough i was put in the R&D division. Alone mind you. Without a supervising officer around to help me at all. Apparently zafu was a solo QA/QC as well. Talk about learning through mistakes huh? ^_^v There's a huge difference between an experienced officer and a thoretically based undergrad student. I am starting to get a little worried.

The place isn't so bad though. I mean the outside may seem a bit troubling. But the interior is actually quite clean. And the most important part is that my lab has fast internet connection. Yosha!

I have just found out that working is really tiring -_-. This coming from someone who has never worked >_<. And i have to generate progress reports every week. That's excluding the 2 reports for egypt and the almost forgotten report for melacca. Thats probably why i'm not writting anything on egypt in this blog.. I've written plenty for the report. and it seems mindless to rewrite them again here. But this i will say, Egypt has shown me much of the strengths and weaknesses of the human spirit. Anyways there's always something that cheers me up after work and working on those god forsaken reports.. I have two 'heroes' to help me cope through it all.. nyuhuhuhu



the blame should be put to alif who gave me continued exposure of mizu during my stay in egypt. And when i got back coincidentally my sis had downloaded another series of mizu ^_^ i'm just lucky like that. Mwuahahaha


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

Safura said...

to both anonymous, i am a bit at loss at what you are trying to tell me ^_^v

but i do appreciate the comments. ^_~

Anonymous said...

to the blog admin
u will be forever loss if you stay like this..

you should grow up..at least be a woman instead of remains as kid forever..
i have no intention to lecture you nor to hurt your soul..but..

owh wai..what ayam tokin about~~~

Safura said...

to anonymous..

hancur busuk Xp

Anonymous said...

for such a long time...i knew it already..
children wont tell any lies..

so do you....right child?

so "hancus busuk" is an awful truth...that will entangle me for years..
strangle me to death...
and endeavor me the whole...

what ayam toking about? im loss...ok..i shud go nao

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.