have you ever been so sure of something one moment.. and then totally doubting it the next?

Funny how the heart and mind almost always contradict eachother. Maybe i'm just never sure of where i stand. Or maybe i just tire easily of old things..

But despite that.. i find routines comfortable. Boring, day to day routines.. Though certain things become like clockwork over time, it only does so because it's already an essential part of your life. Like breathing. And when it stops, it can affect almost everything else around you.

So why then the excitement over new prospects when i know that the feeling is almost always temporary? And furthermore, why do i always feel that pang of guilt when thinking back to old routines?


Sofie Shah said...


Not sure I'm getting the entry, but..

Old things are always comfortable; but you can't get better if you don't change or somehow strive for something new.

It may feel a little strange at first, but stick with it, it'll get 'older' at some point.. ;p

Besides, doesn't mean you can't ever fondly look back..^^

Amar said...

Allah Maha Kuasa, Makhluk x berkuasa.dunia sementara, akhirat kekal abadi.jadi kejar mana tuan paling suka.akhirat?dunia? bila kita lupa akhirat maka kita akan pilih dunia, sy la tu...bila dunia dah takluk kita maka kita akan sebut dunia smpi mati shngga x smpt nak ucap kalimah syahadah, sy ckp untk diri sy.