Hari nie hari blackout sedunia.

First kat kolej..
pagi2 tengah semangat nak menota kan diri with full cup of nestum in tow.. ttb komputer shut down.. so as i was thinking ' jahanam lah kmputer aku klu slalu camnie' i grabbed the broom stick and headed out to the power source box thingy.. ( as u can see i'm a real expert in these things -_-v) But the lever was pushed up to on. A bit perplexed a hiked up to the second floor. Smue senyap. Sah2 satu blok dah black out. Usually it was just my wing. I'm always unlucky like that. ^_^v But apparently everyone was unlucky 2day.. heheh

Then i made up my mind to go to the faculty. Maybe download some info on the lab discussion i was supposed to send.. yesterday.. ehehe ^_^v my bad.. Then in the middle of my shower the lights turned on. But of course.. my wing was still left in the dark. There i was again with my broomstick poking at the stupid lever. And finally there was light ^_^. Tp memandangkan dah wangi pun, trus pakai bj nak g fak.

Sampai2 je kat fak.. gelap gelita. Satu fak mcm dalam emergency shutdown with those annoying beeping sounds coming from the backup generators and those creepy dim lights in the hallways. Just my luck i tell ya.. the WHOLE faculty. So there i was, with a couple other pissed off people sitting in an unconditioned computer lab hopefully staring at blank screens. As if the mind could do some electrical miracle and boost the machines back on. It took about 20 minutes. give or take another 15 minutes before the internet was back on line.

Unfortunately my newly found good mood turned completely sour when i read the inbox to my facebook. I will not divulge the full contents but the key words were, 'kawin' 'fitnah' ' datang rumah tahun depan'. Immediate members of my family will know exactly what i mean.

Lets go over the facts.

I do not liked to be forced. I do not like other's opinions forced on me ESPECIALLY. I am clear on the concepts of 'kahwin' and when i am or am not ready for such commitments. (just turned 21 for gods sake -_-v) Usually this little situation would not have gotten my blood to boil so out of control. But the fact is, i thought i had addressed it not once but SEVERAL times before.

All i ask is this.

When you ask people to understand your feelings, take a second and think about theirs. When you're adamant about what you want, realize that it might not be what other people want. And when you ask questions, listen carefully to the answer, instead of only listening to the parts that you would like to hear. Sometimes, the answer is staring you right in the face.


Sofie Shah said...

Gee, I wonder if the pertinent people are reading this entry..

You should write one like it in facebook or myspace, hunny.. At least you know the pertinent people are visiting those haunts! ^^

Safura said...

'pertinet people' hahaha LMAO

Amar said...

yes, I am reading it. LMAO???

Amar said...

yes, I am reading it. LMAO???

Safura said...

yes.. LMAO..

Anonymous said...

laughin my Arse Off

how could a little child like you using such a vulgar word...

puwa..i have to say this..
i am disappointed...