Getting there..

I had initially written a very long very frustrated entry on the absolute failure of the 2011 MIFT. But then it seemed that would never come close to finishing and in two days my anger managed to switch to incessant worrying regarding the creeping date of my seminar. So without boiling anger to motivate me, writing the disastrous occurrence just came to be a drag -_-v

I am however getting sick and tired of old people grudges that leaves other peoples live's a living hell. I mean it's not like you can tell them to grow up. They're already fermenting for gods sake. -_-v

Yesterday i stayed till 12.30am at the faculty to finish my samples for the particle sizer I had booked from IBS. Booking the damn machine was a problem in itself seeing that IBS just happened to be nestled at such an unreachable place. Especially for those without means of transport. (A.K.A Moi) But i did it. I didn't complain. I payed that freakishly expensive cab. I went to learn how to fill the forms and  finally got to send it in before the dateline. I even called to make sure the paperwork went through, thanking god when the cheery voice at the other end of the line said to call her when i wanted to come so that she could turn the machine on for me.

So there i was this morning with my supervisor, exhausted, but at the same time extremely optimistic that i would FINALLY after months of toiling get some results from my baby nanoliposomes. And then it all came crashing down when that cheery voice informed me that the paperwork wasn't approved. I had just called her an hour prior to our arrival and suddenly the story had completely changed. Thinking that it may have been due to my carelessness i asked if it was something wrong with the paperwork and she just shook her head smilling saying that all the paperwork was fine. My frustration was peaking by the second as i pestered her on why it was that i was denied a mere 30minutes with the machine.

The story finally came out that Prof. Maznah, (referring the old fermented hag) had denied me because i was under the supervision of my supervisor. Why? Because she had a personal grudge with him when he used to work there. Can you imagine? Because of a personal grudge there lay a huge brick wall between the miserable me now and the future happy me with a full written thesis in hand. I was at a loss for words. I really just couldn't believe what the hell was going on. My supervisor sensing something was amidst was also getting agitated. Not that i could blame him, but it wasn't like i could tell him the real reason that the staff lady told me. When we finally left the building i cried. Because i was tired, because it wasn't my fault and because i was really REALLY looking forward to getting those damned results after the scare of my seminar briefing. It was a shameless thing to do. In front of my supervisor, his R.A and a PhD student no less. But i really didn't care at that moment. It had reached my limit.

To be fair I only cried for less than 3 minutes i think. Because i was already trying to figure out what the next step was. My supervisor contacted one of his students to try to book the zetasizer under a different name and supervisor and i was told to write to the student affairs faculty dean. In fact i just received a call from him just a few minutes ago. Now all i can do is wait, and hope that for the life of me SOME people will learn to be professionals at their job.


Sofie Shah said...

Lemme know how it goes..

Like I said, if you end up running into trouble or God forbid deferred a semester for this, some asses are going to get sorely kicked! >:(

Safura said...

Well as for now i'm waiting for the green light from Babak. Hopefully things will work out.

Unfortunately the equipment is definately under her name so she can choose who can and cannot use it. It's all really just pathetic. -_-v

Anonymous said...

when our prophet SAW had a problem, he do 2 rakaat solah. why not u?

Safura said...


Thanks for the advice ^^ Will do insya'Allah. Please pray for me too =)

Anonymous said...