Watch out people

Guess who's the proud owner of a probation license? ^_~

Finally at 25, this has become a reality for me. Mwuahahahaha. I must say though, it wasn't what I had expected. Driving schools don't really teach you to drive proper on the road. They just teach you to pass. I guess that's not really surprising considering how we handle other forms of teaching here. Very much exam oriented.

I had quite a few problems regarding my instructor and my driving classes in general. Maybe because I was considerably older than the rest of the post spm kids I was taking my classes with. I don't appreciate being treated like one. The 10 hours of practical driving was pretty much torture in kancil cars without air conditioning in a litar with no shade whatsoever. And then you have the cheek to ask me what's wrong or why I was a bit out of my game. You're baking me in a car for gods sake -_-.

And since I only took classes on weekends my instructor kept bugging me on when I would be taking the JPJ exam. Even tried to scare me with needing to change to a new system where I'd have to pay more with more obstacles to be learned. Turned out when I said I'll take the new system there wasn't a new system in place anyways!

And to make matters worse, I fulfilled my 10 hours on Sunday. On Thursday at 9pm I was informed of my JPJ test for Friday morning. Like what the actual fudge? If that didn't make my blood boil, communicating with him was even more stressful.

No consideration for my time whatsoever. I hadn't even said a word on whether or not I wanted to take the test. Who gave him the right to submit my name without my consent, and then telling me if i didn't show up I automatically failed? The fact was, I had analyses lined up for that friday which I had booked equipment for for the past month. And clearly if he informed me the night before I was not able to apply for leave. What pissed me off was that he wasn't even sorry about it at all. I had to borrow rm 150 from my housemate because where on earth was I supposed to draw money in the middle of the night?

The conversation ends with him saying that its my choice so if i want to take the test, wait in front of his office the next morning. If my mother had not taught me to be polite to my elders i might have cussed him out right there. So after discussing with my sister she decided to follow me to the test, where she had to take a half day leave, so that she could talk sense or speak her mind to my messed up instructor.

Supposedly, after finishing my 10 hours of practical I was supposed to undergo a separate evaluation test with the driving academy itself. Which never happened. My name was submitted straight for JPJ testing. Alhamdulillah, rezki tuhan, and doa orang teranaya or the fact that that day was nisfu sya'ban, I passed the test with some minor hiccups. My instructor was nowhere to be seen, up until the end where i called him to pay up my dues. I really didn't want to step foot there ever again.

In the end I thought it was just a waste of breath to really have a go at him. Had I failed, it would have been a different story. But here's a warning to those out there. I enrolled myself in AMSA driving academy in bangi. And maybe not all instructors are like this, but mine really pushed me close to my limits. The facilities there are actually quite sad, the cars in the litar are even worse. The price might be cheaper than most at around rm 800, but i would have gladly paid a bit higher if the service was better. Don't fall for tricks saying that you need to take the JPJ test quickly because they'll have to change the system. The package never said anything about stipulated time of when a student needs to take the final test. Its really up to you when you're ready. If you fail, you're the one paying to take it again. And make sure the academy does test you before the actual JPJ testing.

Whatever it was, the place was downright unprofessional and just because they are more often than not dealing with young kids, shouldn't be an excuse for poor service. There's hardly a system, and you can see people just going around not knowing where they are supposed to be. Ugh, it annoys me to no end. So yeah, here's my honest experience. Maybe i'm an isolated case, but who knows.


adyatiputri said...

Well despite all the mishaps, CONGRATSSSSSSS :D so next: saving to buy a ride? *wink wink* :D

Kecikjer said...

Oh wow..

a ride is so far from the question right now >_< wait till i get me a stable job neeee...