Of salt & Sugar

Cooking chores are no longer nerve wrecking these days.

I used to get all worked up on the menu, if I had all the ingredients, if I'd have enough time and I would generally be a huge mess before the actual cooking even starts. Now that I've done it a couple times, cooking is really not that bad. I can actually see the joy in it now. ^^v

Though my repertoire is still pretty much the basics, I think I can move forward slowly from now. One new dish at a time. All those years of watching people cook really does pay off  =p.

Yesterday I made my first spaghetti without pre-maid sauce! it's hardly an accomplishment but lemme have my fun. Using tomato paste was actually pretty hard. The moment you put it in everything just goes out of wack. I think I would rather have just used chopped up tomatoes and it would have tasted better. 

But anyways thankfully I got it to taste close to the ones along makes at home. By close I mean edible. With a whole lot of salt, sugar and lemon. Albeit maybe a bit more salty than usual. And i didn't have a lot of the herbs to go with it. Almost panicked when i realized we were almost out of black pepper.. At least my housemates liked it.  I wished they'd be able to taste the better home cooked version I'm used to.

But not bad for a first try =)
I should have taken pictures. To show my cooking growth. Nyhuhuhu


p/s I used fusili though, since spaghetti was a bit common. ^^v


Sofie Shah said...

Congratulations on the pasta! ^^

My first spaghetti from scratch wasn't all that great either.. was like eating ketchup with bits of beef in it! :p

Next up: Masak lemak cili api~

p/s: of all the complaints the boys made about my sagu gula melaka, they ate most of it.. (-____-)v

They need to learn to have faith in my cooking.. ^^

Kecikjer said...

Wait.. I didn't even get to taste anything geez.. -_-v

Amar said...

baru ama faham kenapa awk x sedia?!

Kecikjer said...


Sbb sye x pandai masak? I don't that's the most important thing in a marriage ^^v

Amar said...

sy pun sm, mungkin masakan awk lg sedap drpd sy...

Kecikjer said...


masakan sye belum sesedap mane lg.. ^^v