Not Related Whatsoever

It has come to my attention that the title of my blog is uncomfortably close to that of a certain... graphic novel currently being the "in" thing for female readers anonymous.

To be perfectly honest I have read excerpts of it. And here's my unpopular opinion:

I have read fan fictions better than that.

Not to be mean. Just perfectly honest. Like I've said, I'm very picky about what I read. It's just not the best piece of writing to compare to all the hype. In addition to not being a genre I would particularly enjoy, the whole plot and concept just seems so shallow.

I'm sorry. I just. I can't.


Sofie Shah said...

Agreed.. it was the writing style, wasn't it? ;p

These days I tend to find fanfics a more entertaining read than published materials too. A lot to be said to those who write just for the fun of it.. ^^

Sofie Shah said...

Want something more hilarious? read the reviews for it! Now those reviewers can really write! XD

Geez, now I want to read this thing. Just for laughs.. :p

Kecikjer said...


there's nothing like reading something just for the sole purpose of nitpicking. ^^