Wow I haven't been on here for around 2 months.

Busy would have been an understatement really. I'm actually still kinda up to my hairline with deadlines and a few other more personal matters which have intensified over the course of this year.

Yeaap.. life doesn't get much easier neee...

So quick catch up

1. I'll be flying to Turkey at the end of June, which is just a few days before ramadhan actually, so it will be quite an experience to fast for 18 hours a day. Though i'm in the midst of my second chapter i couldn't really say no when my mom is sponsoring the ticket. Chance of a lifetime. Soo be prepared for another whole load of picture spam, which brings me to my second point....

2... Rebleshot has been upgraded to a 18-200 zoom lens. Yeay!!!!! This was made possible with the kutu money i have received combined with my sis. Its a much heavier lens and it takes a bit getting used to since i'm noticing our pictures tend to get a little blurry. Most probably cause we're so used to standing so close to the subject which is not so necessary anymore. ^^v

3. Im finally on instagram mwuahahah. So yeah, just wanted to put that out there. User name is furashah if any of you would like to follow me which you probably wont so whatever. ahahaha

4. I'm attending The Second International Conference on Agricultural an Food Engineering (CAFEi 2014) to present a poster for my first chapter in December. Preparation for the paper has been downright hell. But I am looking forward to it i guess. My first exposure of my postgraduate life.

5. I will be no longer funded for my studies by the end of September, which kinda scares the bageezes out of me since i have never been without income since matriculation. So yeah, maybe a part time job? There's no motivation to finish like lack of financial aid i'll tell you that much. 

So far i think that's about it. At least all i can recall anyways. Hopefully i'll have more time for this blog in the near future. It breaks my heart to see it stagnant. =( Welpz, tata, I'll write you when i write you ^^ 

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