Travelogue : Jogjakarta Day 5 & 6

We started the day off pretty late, considering everyone was suffering from muscle pains due to our rigorous "off road" experience the night before. That morning was a short revisit to Malioboro for last minute shopping.

Then it was off to Prambanan, which i regret to inform, I have completely forgotten the entrance fee ^^v. Will update if i remember hehe. We reached pretty late in the evening, plus there was some precipitation going on which gave the whole area a bit of an eerie feel.  Prambanan is said to sport 1000 temples including the 3 large central ones as a tribute to the gods Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. 
We searched high and low for a famous statue figure of Roro Jonggrang also known as Durga, (zhafarina's twin sister) whom it was said was cursed into becoming the largest candi because she had forsaken the love of Bandung Bondowoso. For the full story see here. We finally found her in the Shiva temple. These temples were actually pretty steep. I was nervous climbing up and down the steps, especially considering that it was also wet. We were given hard helmets for safety. Though mine kept slipping off -_-.

We had our dinner at a unique little place called Gudeg Sagan, where we enjoyed a traditional Gudek meal (a savoury dish which includes jackfruit, chicken and cili) with a live band. Good Food ^^

Later that nigh we visited the Taman Pelangi, i think something similar to our ICT here in Malaysia. Luckily Arum joined in berposing maut. 

And that was pretty much it. I think even then we were more than slightly exhausted. I can honestly say my legs were on fire. But i was thoroughly satisfied with the whole trip. At least i could say we crammed a whole lot in just 5 days.

The day we took off, our bags had conveniently doubled along with a whole list of food (pisang salai, kacang salut, amanda cake and what not). Before coming we had had the genius idea of sharing 20kg of luggage per 2 people since it would lower the cost of the flight ticket. I strongly don't recommend it. ^^v. It's a lot easier when you don't have to worry about baggage limit and being fined when things are so cheap to buy.

Welpz thats pretty much it. I would definitely visit Jogja again when i have the time. And the mone ^_~. There are still so many other things to see according to Putri. Maybe the next trip will be when we're all working. Hehehe

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