Of Milk, Tests, and Music surfing

Yesterday was my first field trip ever in the 4 years of becoming a food tech student. ( i think..) Dairy is fast becoming my favorite subject of all time! ^^ I did wish that we could've visited more of the factory, but i guess thats a tall order for 30+ students who came at short notice. Fonterra was very gracious though to walk us through most parts of their factory. And then it hit me: it must be pretty awesome to be a in company where the whole nation practically consumes your goods. I mean if that isn't pride i don't know what is.

The trip ended at slightly after 5. All would have been well until i realized that my English test was that day and that i was probably missing out on the whole thing! In a surge of panic i messaged my sir practically pleading my case, and though i'm a total sucker for motion sickness there i was reviewing my notes in that rickety bus. I swear i fought the urge to hurl about 5 times. The moment we made it back Zafu rushed me to the class only to find that they had rescheduled on wednesday. -_-v save me the heart attack why don't you. On a brighter note, the Dairy test earlier that morning was a welcomed change from the mind boggling questions i've becomed so accustomed to this final year.

I recently did some extensive music search on the web as a result of the sudden realization that my playlist was becoming painfully repetitious. And because Billboard really had nothing to offer (seriously what do they come up with these days -_-) i had to turn to youtube for guidance. The results is still scarce. To be fair i was surfing while doing notes so.... you get what i mean. So far :

1. G.na - Black and White
2. Se7en - Like them Girls
3. T-ara - Why are you being like this
4. Infinity - Before the Dawn (BTD)

Now personally i kinda loved the BTD music video. Click here to watch ^^ Kind of erm.. different from your normal kpop i guess. The sound is also kinda funky. Wellpz, i must be going, a shower sounds really nice.


Sofie Shah said...

All that and you still have time to post?? I guess the stresses of life does not beat writing about it, huh..

Mum found out you took her Coolpix.. she needed it for a presentation she's doing. I quickly told her she could use our DSLR, which took better pictures.. ;p

fura said...

erm.. and she knows how to use that? ^^v huhu

welpz i might be free this sunday after lunch time. But you have to tell me when. You bringing the car or are they picking you up?

Sofie Shah said...

Well, she's the one presenting, so expertise on the camera would have to be with whomever's holding it, ne? ^^

Well, I'm sure I'd have to drive myself there (it'll save them the trouble of having to send me back later..)

They plan to go on a lake cruise in Putrajaya. I've never done it before so it might be fun..

The only thing I worry about is the food.. my acid reflux has gotten worse in that I could only eat like a few bites of solids before my stomach starts protesting. Soups or any type of liquid's okay though..

Safura said...

nyuhuhu i wonder how you're gonna explain that.. ^^v

I'll try to get myself out from whatever it is on sunday >_< i need to go shopping!!!