Yesterday was Gosip Gurl merathon day!. Though i'm not sure if 3 episodes count as a merathon ^^v anywho i'm rooting for the new guy in the script. Ben jeng3!:

Ok so usually I'm not one to be oogling the Caucasian guy, however i would make an exception for this one ^^ Or maybe its the character he plays. Whatever it is please have more Ben in coming GG episodes Mwuahahahaha!


Sofie Shah said...

I do not know why, but I've never really taken to this series.. (-_-)

Hey, I'm watching Black Swan this Sunday with the girls.. wanna come with?

Safura said...


of course i want to >_< I'm totally making you watch at least his parts. Serious cute, i mean he's no yunho, but he's not a bad alternative. Mwuahahaha