Last weekend was a pretty busy one.

Saturday was spent shopping for my dinner attire. Which fortunately was found at the first shop that we went to. We even got to buy red, which saved me the hassle of finding another red baju kurung for Eipah's wedding in May. So two birds with one stone ^_~ 

But you know how it is when you find out everything that's wrong with the dress only once you've already bought it and brought it home. It happens to everyone i'm sure. I still like the dress, though it might be due for some alterations which can't be done before my dinner so i'll just have to live with it for now. Which might leave me having to buy a new pair of heels -_-v 

Sunday on the other hand was reserved for a road trip. Sending my mom to KLIA for her business in Serawak and then sending my Wan back to Tampin, and then returning home to pick up my altered jubah in Carrefour. I was a bit peeved that the tailor lady somehow managed to sow on my shoulder pads crooked. I mean shoulder pads people... it ain't rocket science. And I freaking paid for that >_<. 

I also bought myself a mini massager (A.K.A) MiMO:

Cuz them back pains are really getting to me these days. I know i know seeing a dr would probably be best, but for the moment this will have to do. 


Sofie Shah said...

Argh, I woke up this morning feeling all the aches and pains from yesterday's excursions..

Sometimes I swear, I just force my brain to remind me over and over again why I do these things.. (-_-)

Because sometimes when I'm on my own, I feel like quitting it all..

Safura said...

huhu seems you need the mini massager more than i do ^^v

i know what you mean. I'm close to not caring about a lot of things. Which seems to be triggering warning bells in my head.

Is it really a crime to be just so tired of it all T-T