Over Protective Instincts

Ever been overprotective of a really good friend?

Sometimes to the extent of not liking the thought of them being with anyone else because other people just might not seem good enough for them. At least in your over protective mind they aren't. If the answer is "no" then i'm pretty sure the "LIAR" bell is blaring at the back of your mind. I'm actually willing to bet on it. Though it seems like a grossly inappropriate feeling to have as a "good friend" i guess a lot of people will right it off as "thinking what's best".

So all it really comes down to is jealousy rearing its ugly head. And though you may think it makes you less of a good friend it is actually perfectly...... human. It happens to the best of us believe me. Jealousy at relationships, jealousy of attention and the works. What defines a good friend i guess is how you act on it. You can totally become the fire stone convincing yourself that your actions are justified to deliver "whats best" for your dear beloved friend or step back to review your thoughts. Maybe... you really should let them figure it out by themselves or maybe... your friend actually has it all under control despite that uncontrolled fear you have that they will get hurt or that other people are constantly plotting evil against them. And maybe its also mixed in with your own fear of you losing a confidant and the top spot on their priority list. I think its everyones worst nightmare. It's definitely one of mine however selfish and unbecoming that may sound.

So i guess it is inevitable. How do you know that when your friend does come to you for advice that it isn't tainted with jealousy geared towards your own benefits. I'd like to say that i've tried to be subjective whenever this situation arises, (which is quite often by the way) but who can say for sure right? Nevertheless, like my sis always says, relationships evolve when they need to if its strong enough to withhold the challenges of life. So i guess being human we'll all go through this over protective instincts at some stage and hope that whatever happens you always had good intentions at heart ^^


Sofie Shah said...

Good job! ^^

I don't think friends ever intend to hurt each other. And when they do, it's almost always because they care ~friends want what's best, even if that my not necessarily be the case..

The thing I always remind my friends when we have our little spat from time to time:

Friends hurt each other only because they love each other to bits. As long as everyone remembers that, everything else is peanuts! ^^

ps: are you the jealous friend, or is it the other way around??

Safura said...


probably guilty of the former ^^v but i'm pretty sure as far as jealousy goes in my case, its more internal than actually acted upon.

I hope anyways ^^ hehe

btw: some bad news =( i might have finishing school next week. I feel like torching the place ><

Sofie Shah said...


We have to be in PD, dammit!

Argh! you have GOT to try to get out. Our arrangement has been made weeks beforehand!

Aish, jincha.. this is not fair! >(

fura said...

No worries i double checked. Im in the second group.^^

But i'm seriously up to my neck with work. My seminar has been moved up and everything is all over the place. -_-v

I get goosebumps just thinking how i'm even going to do a proper write up in just 2 weeks. T-T