Health Update

A few days ago I checked into our local pharmacy to get a blood reading for RM 10, mostly because my other siblings have done this already with quite alarming results. To be fair, we have a blood sugar portable analyzer at home what with my parents being diabetic and all. I was just really curious about my cholesterol level since i've never had it checked before. Genius me actually came straight from a wedding where of course i had lamb and all them other good stuff. But the pharmacist said it was perfectly fine and that she'd know if anything was way too off the charts. So here are my stats

Sugar : 6.6
Cholesterol 5.82
Blood Pressure : 100/67

I was a bit surprised by the sugar, but she said it was fine since I had just eaten. The cholesterol level can be considered as borderline high. Apparently my siblings are in the high category and a different pharmacist told my sister that it may be hereditary. He suggested supplements that could help the liver in processing cholesterol. Scary stuff really. I mean, i consider myself as a healthy eater. Nothing too overboard. But then when it's something you're born with, it's a whole different playing field. My pharmacist told me it wasn't too bad, but i should consider taking some oat bran. Which i cannot stand -_-. And here I thought all my vege eating was keeping my cholesterol in check. Blood pressure was nothing new. Guess I get that from my mom. Always feeling light headed when i stand up too quickly.

Welpz, that means need to cut down on those awesome red meats. I have a distinct suspicion that it has something to do with our egg consumption at home. Whatever it is, i think i'll make it a point to check these things at least every six months. Gotta love your body no?

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