P.E.R.C.H.A get together

Last Saturday was a family affair for P.E.R.C.H.A (persatuan cucu2 cikgu haji ahmad) as yet another member of our unit happily put an end to his bachelorhood =).

 Fahdli, virtually only a year my senior was selamat di ijabkabulkan last week, however many of us weren’t able to attend considering it was held on Friday morning where most of us were still sweating out paper work and consoling HPLC’s. But luckily we were all able to attend the groom’s side, which was only wajibulghunnah.

And here we have the most important picture of all. Nearly 80 % of all PERCHA members gathered together for the happy occasion. It’s difficult to meet up these days with everyone busy with their own lives. But it’s nice to sit and catch up with each other.

Later we took a short trip to Air terjun….. ok I totally forgot the name. Sorry. There was a warning by Jabatan Hutan Pahang, that the waterfall would be closed due to the rainy season. But as always there were still plenty of people who were willing to risk their lives for a short dip in the water. It did look a lot more ferocious since the last time I saw it. And seeing that I have a healthy fobia of gushing water, we pretty much stayed clear of the water’s edge.

And here we have the senior members of PERCHA making their way happily to the vantage point.

This is the next cousin in line who will be tying the knot in May. Something my cousins and I will need to be preparing for. To be fair, I have soo many wedding related invites it's not even funny. From March til May. I should open a practice honestly.

Aaaaand finally the rare photo of the photographer. Mwuahahaha.

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