Day 1 : 10 things about me

♣ I have two distinct birthmarks on 2 of my limbs

♣ I have a scar on my upper left eye from hooks that you put cups on.. but you wont notice until you come REALLY close >//< (ouch..)

♣ I cry easily, especially when thinking of other peoples problems instead of mine

♣ I almost never call anyone 'kau' or call myself 'aku'

♣ I suffer from bouts of back pains even though i'm only 23

♣ When i was young people couldn't tell whether I was a boy or a girl due to my short haircut and boyish nature ^^v

♣ I rarely call, I prefer to sms

♣ I have no confidence speaking formally in BM >_< (same goes for writing)

♣ I have kept the same hand phone number since i was in form 2 

♣ People who don't know me say i'm younger than i look, while people who do say i'm older than my age.

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