Hello 2014

Happy New Year ^^

forgive me for being 10 days too late. But we're still not even half way through, so I guess you can consider this as being fashionably off the mark. Mwuahahahaha.

So I'm kicking off 2014 with a short trip to Jogjakarta with a couple friends since we have a bonifide local as our tour guide, and she's taking care of our logging as well as our food and drinks (So anticipate the posting of many tourist pictures in my next post. My rebelshot has lacked exercise these past few months) There is of course concern to whether i should be off cajoling while my 1st chapter still flounders helplessly underwater. But maybe a little time away can give me back some motivation to finish. Though it may not seem like it, I am targeting to finish lab work by the end of this year. Sponsorship will only last so long. And i need to focus to really get on with my life.

Along the lines of getting my life on track is the management of my meager funds. I've recently started cataloging my expenditures in a useful little website known as thebirdy.com. I've been on in for about 3-4 months and already I can see where most of my money is going into:
Surprise surprise that big orange chunk points to home (not my rental) without feeling sorry whatsoever. Though it takes a bit of will power to record your every expenditure every day it does help to budget yourself. Especially in this day and age when the taxes are increasing and shopping ain't what it used to be no more. Even buying ordinary toiletries is already becoming cumbersome with toothpaste reaching an all time high -_-v. I mean honestly. The birdy allows you to see your expenditure in this purty little pie chart or in calendar mode to see your daily/weekly and monthly expenditures. So for those of you trying to keep tabs on your spending, give it a go, since it free ^^

The new years has also shown me not to be too trusting of people. My roommate for the past 6 months gave me less than 24 hour notice that she was leaving the house. What's worse she refused to pay the balance of her stay, quoting that her parents and lawyer said there was no black and white and thus she wasn't obliged to pay. I guess legally we were on the wrong end, but as one considerate human being to another I had honestly expected better behavior. And then suddenly out of the blue she calls asking if we are home because she had left some of her things in the house. We didn't answer her messages or calls. I mean what would you have done? I was short of throwing her things out on the curb. Perangai sungguh -_-. So, learning from our previous mistakes, i immediately drafted a house agreement for our subsequent renters complete with a copy of their ic and have taken full responsibility for money matters. It's sad sometimes people make you consider the ugly sides of themselves so that you can no longer look at people without suspicion. I know deep down inside you would know if your conduct is acceptable or not. I can't accept that she wholeheartedly believed that up and leaving without notice and not paying her debts was in any way the correct thing to do. Luckily my new roommate looks promising. But as i said, i'm becoming too weary of new strangers in my life. It's a bit tiring to consider all possible scenarios of being cheated.   

I've also realized the importance of insurance recently, since my brother suddenly came down with an infection causing his lymph node under his armpit to swell. Lumps and swelling is really a sensitive issue in my family since cancer runs strong on my mother's side. You can imagine my scare when he confided to my sister and I. What's worse the first doctor he met told him it was lymphoma. We advised him to get a second opinion from our family cancer specialist in tawakal, who told him the the rapid swelling was not characteristic of cancer. But nevertheless he's currently under the knife to have it removed. I'm still a bit worried about the whole thing, but if anything it calms me a little to know he's insured. You never know the graveness of the matter until your faced with the possibilities.  

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