Travelogue : Jogjakarta Day 1

Before I begin I must first relate to you some important happenings, or rather “happening” that occurred a day prior to my Jogja flight. While shopping at Jusco I had unceremoniously rendered my black box of 3 years ( aka nokia phone) to a watery grave in the 3rd stall of the public toilet. This, I might add will be the third phone I have lost to toilets to date -_-. Thus the panic of finding a phone and phone number before my flight the next morning began, which ended with the purchase of my new companion the HTC Desire 300. You can say that the timing was just perfect, seeing that I had considered buying a new phone as soon as my old one showed signs of faultiness. I guess, it decided to go out in the most memorable way possible. You will be missed =(..

And so on with the rest of my travelogue, we boarded the plane at slight past noon, and reached Jogjakarta at approximately 2. The time lags an hour there. We were greeted with sudden downpour as we made our way from the tarmac into the modest sized airport of Adisucipto. By modest I mean positively cute compared to the sprawling lcct. The staff were friendly though and the check through hardly took any time at all. Outside our faithful tourguide Putri was already waiting with water bottles and cookies in hand. Our first stop. Food =). We ate at Pondok Cabe, which true to its name served some pretty fiery stuff. 

We headed to Putri’s humble abode afterwards, and unpacked in her room which would serve as our 5 star hotel for the remaining of the trip. I must say 80% of our time at home was spent here. We were event sent breakfast in bed. Such antisocial kids I tell you. Our first stop, due to the constant downpour was decidedly the Galeria Mall. But before that, we made a small detour to XL, the local telecommunication provider. I, dengan pandainye, had not realized that my new phone required a small sized sim. And thinking we could downsize the thing ourselves, Midah dengan penuh confidentnya grabbed a pair of scissors and went wild. Needless to say, an hour later we were comfortably seated in their office awaiting my new custom sim. We choose their weekly data plan at around RM 7, with 200mbs. I, being a true newby on smart phones hardly understood anything. But thank god I had plenty of senpais to guide me.

Later, we went to a store at the Galeria Mall called Matahari, where our first official purchases were jeans, which were freakishly cheap. Tambah lagi dengan offer beli dua gratis 1, you can imagine how round our eyes went. I personally preferred the clothes choices there. They had some pretty awesome blouses at good prices. Being it the first day, we were a little weary about our spending. But we still came away with matching t-shirts anyways (which will be feature in Jogja day 3 ^_~). It's pretty shocking at how slim jogjakartans are though seeing that my jeans were labelled XL. It has never ever happened to me before o_0. Gede2 rupanya org Malaysia nih. hukhuk.

Dinner was served at an awesome little place called Kedai Rakyat Djelata. Here we had some pretty amazing roti bakar. I ordered chocolate banana, and gulped it down with jasmine tea and rock sugar, which came in a cute looking tea set. I really liked the inner deco, and the place felt really cozy. Great for lazing around and laughing at nothing, (which we were pretty good at). Of course, after the meal was a short photo session tanpa segan silu, and then back home. 

That was pretty much the first day. Nothing too rigorous. Just laying back and relaxing. Day 2, SHOPPING. Mwuahhahahahahhahahha

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