Særat Bites Product Launcing (UPM) 2010

The Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia underwent its annual New Product Launching today. A whole semester of toiling and hard work boiled down to just this one event. Judges from the industry were present alongside our own lovable educators as well as reporters for the news. It was as nerve wrecking as it was exciting.

There were 10 teams in total. All in the running for receiving the overall best new product award 2010. Preparations for booths had begun on Thursday. But I can safely say that our product booth practically started at 5a.m D-day due to unavoidable stress and planning issues on our part resulting to sleepless group members with a serious cases of panda eyes 0_0. Nevertheless launching was awesome! I had though of writing a lengthy descriptive entry until i figured, pictures speak louder than words =)

5 A.M D-day :

We really didn't get much done thursday evening. I think it was a mixture of lack of creativity, fatigue and panic that everyone had started before we did. Thus 6 of us stayed up all night to figure out our board layout. We had very limited resources and i remembered feeling like being in elementary school as i was cutting the colored paper to be put on display. We finished preparations at about 4.45 and rushed to the faculty to put everything together. And the result:

I must say we could’ve done better. But the given circumstances i was pretty satisfied with what we were able to cook up ^^

8.00 A.M. D-day:

This was our final layout for our display table. I’m actually pretty happy with the results though there really wasn’t much on the table to display. There was actually an LCD to the left which was showing a slideshow of our production process.
We were finally able to get uniformed chocolate coating on our product with the help of Cocoa Board Malaysia who lent us their expertise and allowed us to use their equipment. As a result our once lobsided and lacklustre balls were now evenly round and shinny through what is known as the panning process ^^ The ingredient corner was actually my favourite =p

And finally the full team of 11 led by our dedicated leader Afiq^^ The boria t-shirts were compliments of F.O.S., RM. 8.20 per piece, Kids section. LOL!

The Others =) :

I was really siked to see everyone’s booth. Everything seemed so purty ^^ And everyone was in such high spirits in their matching clothes. It was just too cute Xp



The Judges 0_o:

Actually our first visitor to the booth was none other than UPM TNC as well as our faculty dean. And with them came a trail of our lectures who repeatedly took our samples ^^v

The judges were actually pretty nice people. I mean i was under the impression that industrial people were quite harsh, seeing that they know the crude reality of business. But they were all very helpful with criticism and praise. 

  The People :

There was a steady stream of visitors as we waited for our judges to come.I was actually surprised at how many people came from staff to student. Some even showed deep interest, taking the lengths of asking our contacts in order to know further details. Before we knew it our sample was finished and we ended up opening sealed display packages for them to try. I'm trully apologetic to my other course mates though who were busy attending to their booths and didn't get to try =(

The verdict:

At round 12.30 we were all asked to the dewan for multimedia presentations as well as gift giving ceremony. 3 categories were up for grabs:

1.best booth 
2.best packaging
3.best multimedia

And then of course the overall winner. Syukur Alhamdulillah our group was awarded 3rd place overall. I can't say i didn't wish for first =p but the 1st and 2nd place winners were well deserved in my opinion. First being Tap-A-Bite while second was Sur-1-Mee, both of which will be representing upm in the nationals! I just feel so proud ^^

Overall there was much learned this sem. Ending our final educational week, i felt that i needed to step back and really appreciate all that we had to endure in the last 3 months. Its kinda amazing how things always seem impossible until its done. It was crazy, it was hard, and it really put our mental and physical stamina to the test. But as long as we went through it together, things just don't seem so bad. I can't imagine how our final sem together will be. 

But i'm sure it would be Epic! <3


Sofie Shah said...

Hunny, congratulations! ^^

I really liked your booth, and the date ball thingies actually look good! well, they looked better than the ones you bring home, anyway.. ;p

3rd place ain't bad out of 10. The most important thing is how you guys feel about it. As long as you've learned a lot, that's worth more than some prime numbers, ne?

BTW, I'm in Paris. You'd think it'd be better right? Not. Mom and I wish we could have just stayed in Montpellier. We loved Montpellier.. T_T

Safura said...

Nyuhuhu thanks!
Even though the prize money was just rm100 i guess kitorang smue leh g mkn mapley ramai2 Xp

Ne whats wrong with paris? Isn't it supposed to be romantic <3 hehe

By the way pops wants to know the exact time and date you're coming home..

Sofie Shah said...

Well, the hotel sort of sucks. None of that hospitality we had at Montpellier.

But we went for a boat ride all over paris yerterday and that was alright. The problem is mom is being so difficult.. Semua tak nak tengok. Eiffel tower tak nak naik. semua nak tengok dr jauh je.. (-_-)

Along nak la pegi semua kalau boleh kan? Dah sampai takkan tak nak pergi! *sob* Kut ikutkan hati along tinggalkan je dia kat bilik, abih citer, haish!

By the way, we'll be reaching KL on november 2nd at 3:50 pm. The flight is KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) number KL 0809.

Apsal, dia nak amik ke?

Safura said...

huhu tu lah..
laen kali kt g dua org je snang. I wanna see everything too ^^ Hows the camera by the way. Getting any good shots?

Hurm i think he just wants to come home. He's probably bored out of his mind =p. But if he does decided to go and get you i guess i'll come with. Its study week already so i'm kinda free ^^ (except for the assignments and pages of notes to be rewriten) -_-v