Forgotten Halloween

I can't believe today is Halloween. 
And i totally forgot!

Not that i was planning to really do much dress up or trick-or-treating. I think thats pretty much frowned upon once you turn 20 or something. But i guess it does bring back  lot of memories. ^^

Back then the easiest costume to get away with was baju kurung Xp. I especially remembered Halloween at sand point, a student housing where my family used to stay. I kinda miss it. It was a really good neighborhood with good kids. It no longer exists now i think. Last i heard the whole neighborhood was renovated. But anyways treak-or-treating was totally awesome. Almost every house participated. I even remembered the community center making a small party for all the kids with games and a mini haunted house. And Halloween wasn't limited to neighborhoods either. We even felt it in school ^^ Man, how i miss that atmosphere.. It was really something else.

And to think i wont be able to feel that anymore. Partly cuz i'm too old and partly cuz that life was a million miles away. It's kinda depressing ^^v 

Sometimes i think its kinda crazy that i remember certain things from seattle so well even when i've been back 8 years. Like the small hill in front of my old house with a small crater in it that me and friends used to lie down in after pretending to be horses with the knees of our pants green from galloping in the grass. (dun ask ^^v). Or the playground where i used to play monkey bars until my hands were full of callouses. Or the mosque where my family would spend every night during ramadhan for breaking fast as well as to follow the imam in a lengthy terawih prayer. So many things from so long ago and so far away. And even if i did revisit Seattle i doubt the feeling would be the same. 

 I guess those memories aren't only imprinted in the mind. But also somewhere in the heart. 

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