In Between

So it dawned on me just a few hours before my first paper that i was lacking the feeling of knots in my stomach and palpitations that usually came with the words 'finals' I mean there was that slight worry, but nothing really close to what i've experienced in the last few semesters. To be truthful i was more nervous about the tetanus shot we received this morning. And it hurt by the way.

so with my left arm feeling slightly numb i sat for the Metabolisms paper at 2 this afternoon. I have to say this class has been a constant red light in my head, what with my first test turning out the way it did -_-, i was hoping beyond hope that maybe... just maybe i could catch a break with this last paper.

But oh the misery... =( I think i stared hard at the two essay questions for a whole 10 minutes. First of all i would like to explain that though i said i wasn't nervous about the exam doesn't mean that i went easy on my notes. I could be a serious candidate for Repetitive Strain Injury i tell you. Sooooo not kidding >_< But to my chagrin the two killer questions collectively valued at 21 marks was just too much for my brain to handle. Looking around the class i was met with similar dumbfounded stares at blank paper. Interestingly enough i felt like laughing my head off. The trials and tribulations of final year just never ceases to amaze me.

What a a way to begin my 4 papers in 3 days marathon right? I need to get reading. Another killer paper in oh 13 hours. Lets see me survive that one ^^v

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Sofie Shah said...

That cat is EPIC! XD

By the way, you not having an anxiety attack probably had more to do with familiarity..

4 tahun harung finals yang sememangnya takleh nak score lebih2.. One would get used to that, don't you think? ^^