A Deeper Meaning

In Your High Honor

All Over My Skin There's Art Splatter,

And With Everything That Happened This Part Mattered,

I Tatooed Your Name on My Tongue

Then my Heart Shattered

For those who get what i mean~


Sofie Shah said...


The thing is, I think only so many people will understand this.. Korean cassies most probably won't. Heck, even those with good english.. (-__-)

The most important thing is for the ones who need to understand, understands.. (~.^)

Safura said...

huhu as long as i get what it means ^^
I've been following them on twitter it's just too cute i tell u ^^

Ne way hows frnce?

Sofie Shah said...

Oh my lord it's effing cold! (-__-)

the funny thing is, mom and I like to sleep with the window slightly opened, because we're so used to having air cond instead of heaters.. XD the weirdness of it all..

The weather's pretty nice, but the hell with the people man! no one freakin smiles here! it has made me really afraid to go out on my own (which is really sad because mom is at CIRAD all day long and I'm stuck in the room).

And EVERYTHING is in FRENCH. Every wucking channel I tell you! I mean there are American shows, but it's all dubbed over. Can you imagine Ms. Fine (the Nanny) spewing le francais a mile a minute? ROFL!

But, the internet's free and the breakfast is really good (french baguette and a myriad of cheeses!) On a sad note tho, mom and I haven't had anything other than bread since we got here.. (-_-) That means we haven't had a decent lunch or dinner. We've been surviving on Vono and maggi, which isn't going to last much longer..

Anyway, I'll update my blog later so you can read all about it ne? ^^

Safura said...


that sounds kinda crappy. But seriously woman you're on one of the most beautiful places on earth. So who cares if no one smiles. Just go out and take pictures Xp. Then again easier said than done.

You're probably going to kill me but i totally forgot about the symposium thing and i left it at home T-T. Imma try to ask if abg ama can get it to me this weekend. So Sorry!

Sofie Shah said...

Haih.. I knew something like that would happen.. (-_-)

By the way, check out Ne-yo's song called one in a million. It's really cute with the choreo and the girl in the MV. Although..

Seriously, everytime I hear this song I'm reminded of our boys.. and when I see the dance, I thought appa could do it so much better, LOL! XD

Sumthin's really wrong with me ne..

Safura said...


thats perfectly normal. Of course appa can do better Xp. You should totally see him at SYC. Mashitaa!!

i think i have heard.. but i haven't seen the mv yet. How are things?