Brain Food

I think i'm in serious need of intellectual stimulation.

And when i say that i actually mean, I need a book.It's horrifying to even state the last time I was immersed in a good novel. They're hard to come by these days. I mean i don't intend to be evil in any way when I say books like the twilight saga really just don't cut it for me -_-v. But then again, young adults.. what can I say.

I'm picky about what i read. And i know people say you should give a book a try. But i literally read the first two pages and instantly know whether its worth spending my precious hours on. Picky is an understatement. I like authors who know how to paint their world and their characters. Yes, books are up to individual interpretation but i believe that when you write something it shouldn't just miraculously appear in the readers mind however they see fit. A writer should to the best of his or her ability show the world what they envision first, and then leave the rest to the the readers imagination. I mean isn't that the whole point of writing something?

Some people may find lengthy descriptions in books a bit boring, and some kinda are. But then there are authors like Anne Rice. The sole purpose why I was so into vampires in my teenage years. And i'm not talking about the sparkling vegetarian ones (pardon the reference). I'm talking about the tortured souls of the damned. Even till now, i've never read anything quite like her writing. Don't get me wrong though, i'm not that dark of a person. It's just the world she paints makes you just fall in love.

And then there are books like His Dark Materials trilogy. And i must say, the movie really did not do it justice like most books-turned-silver screen. I clearly remembered reading these books. They were the kind that left you feeling like you were hovering between two worlds. And feeling really disappointed as i turned the last leaf of the last book because that world had come to an end.

There was also a recent book i read called history if i wasn't mistaken. A good 700 pages of small print which i could hardly put away. This book was a really good fusion of fact and fiction. Until you could hardly tell the difference. I don't know what it is with me and thick novels. The thicker the better. The smaller the print the better. That way, the story lasts longer. And when the story is good.. the experience is really just perfect.

Right now i'm craving for something old and rustic, something rich with history and good language. I don't know how to describe it. Fiction but not really fiction. *sigh* but maybe that's to tall of an order T-T

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Sofie Shah said...

Hm. Before anything else, lemme say this:

Your writing has improved quite a bit since you've started this blog.

You entries used to be a sort of abrupt, unedited, teen language horror mix-up that for the most part does absolutely no justice to the intellectual person I know you are.

The current entry has very good balance of substance. The result of preponderance before writing, I hope? ^^

And yes, I think it's time we invest in good books.. As in, saving up to buy them! ;p