Picture Entry ^_^

In light of buying a new DSLR Cannon EOS D500 TI Rebel (long name -_-v) I've decided to do a picture entry today.. nyehehehe

I went to my first showcase ever today yeay!!! ^^ Though waiting outside from 12 till 2 in the hot afternoon sun did chip away at my patience a bit.. I was really disappointed with the concert management. They were REALLY unhelpful and the concert started an hour late! I could only see my boys for an hour T-T. Though imma remember that moment forever ><

Couldn't take too many pictures in the stadium since obviously DSLR's weren't permitted, but we still got to sneak ours through. The guards were watching like hawks though so we kinda gave up the idea. Resulting to no pics of my jaeness on stage T-T

 We even gave a simple seonmul ^^ For all 5. There wasn't exactly a booth for fangifts which in my opinion was kinda mengong since its abovius fans would like to show their love from gifts. But the urusetia with inch thick makeup and personal portable fan blowing in her hair just went "I don't know anything bout that" GRrrrr i kinda wanted to spill the contents of my water bottle on her right then. Thank god we found some VIP seat cassies to give our seonmul. Hopefully it'll reach them ^^

Backtracking to close to the end of raya we went for a full family trip to rumah pak ndak in Bentung. We ended up going to a waterfall nearby (forgot what it was called). Really nice place though. And the above picture is the result of all anak cucu wan except for 1. Take a wild guess.. Xp


Sofie Shah said...


I really like our showcase pics, they look awesome! XD *glomps the Rebel*

I know you probably meddled with the colors and stuff but.. garbage in garbage out, you know. No amount of photoshopping will satisfy you if all you've got are sucky stills! ^^

Safura said...

Obviously if i didn't meddle the pics would still be awesome Xp

My post showcase depression is getting better these days now that i saw the close up pic of the stage.

And i can see my jae smile.

Its still pretty sad though. I wish the other two would say congrats or best of wishes of anything for that matter.

Miss them T-T

Sofie Shah said...


I know exactly what you mean.. I was so depressed my latest entry had my awful mood splattered all over it.. Talk about lacking self control.. (-____-)

But yes, the pics provided on SYC really made my day. And they were okay at the presscon. I'm so proud of the malaysian press for keeping touchy subjects untouched..^^