I used to think that it was the most ridiculous thing in the world.
Because it didn't make sense.
Because it was extreme and
Because it just seemed downright childish.

That was about a year ago. Until I finally found myself quite literally in the midst of one of the hugest fandom ever witnessed. And no it didn't make sense, and yes it was sometimes extreme and often quite childish.

But it was also very moving.

Not in a million years had I ever imagined i would feel so strongly for something so far away and yet who seems so close. I never thought i could be so inspired by a language i didn't understand or by people that i didn't know or be so effected by the cause and circumstances that they must go through. And to realize that thousands of other people worldwide share the same feelings and are willing to befriend you and help you due to just this one common intrest seems so baffling. And i began to see that there was also a beauty in the chaos. Not to say that i've lost all sense of reason just yet.

Its just that i think i understand a bit better now. That not all fandoms are filled with immature individuals who only know how to idolize and pester. There are those who really care, who want what's best and who in all honesty just want the obejects of their effection to be happy regardless.

I kinda wanna be one of those people ^_^ Cuz it helps you learn to love selflessly in a way i guess. And yes, i still agree that there are limits to what i would do for fandom. Obviousy right?

But limits are always negotiable ^_~

JYJ.. I'm Comin!! <3

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Sofie Shah said...

We're fangirls who don't want to be called fangirls.. ain't that funny? XD

Sometimes I think our conservative minds are what saved us from all the other meandering wannabes out there..

Other times, I think we're no different from all the other wannabes.. (-_____-)

BUT, our boys have never made me feel silly about loving them yet! ^^