Seriously? No.. SERIOUSLY?!

Scary how time flies.

One moment i'm freaking out about proposals and the next i find that finals is just right around the corner. What happened to the 10 weeks that have gone by?

Ramadhan and raya weren't as eventful as i remembered them to be. Could that be the side effects of getting older? Things just seem to loose their charm, and you get easily disenchanted. Not to say that ramadhan necessarily needs enchanting. I mean i fully understand the importance and significance of the month, just... it used to be more memorable i guess. Raya still isn't over yet. I haven't been to any other openhouse than that of my relatives. And then i see all these posts of my my friends visiting eachother's houses. Sometimes it does seem a bit pitiful. At my age.. haha.

I am a bit excited though for next month. Ok no, actually WAY EXCITED! Jae will be coming for a showcase on the 17th XD! To think that i would never see the day when i get to see My jaeness up close. I Seriously HAVE to go. Even though fangirling is so not my thing.. i just need to see him once in my life time ^^ I even bought the fan package. LOL naseb baek RM16 jer.. The tickets on the other hand.. *ahem2* will not be dislcosed here =p But i'm hopin if i sign up as a team member there be such things as backstage passes.. *grins*

hu.. neways till then, i'm stuck writing notes and toiling for product development which just always finds a way to go flop. Yes i know... patience, patience. With 3 tests this week, one which happens to be on a satruday morning, i am unavoidedly irked -_-v But i guess thats just how it is. I'm also kinda worried about my supervisor who hasn't been replying to my emails lately... a lot of lecturers seem to be busy coming to the end of this sem. Save one who was involved in an accident 2 days before raya. Poor thing. The phrase that stuck in my mind were:

"Siape nak jage die?!" and
"Adekah die keseorangan di bumi malaysia?" LOOOOOL!!! courtesy of nabihah XD


Sofie Shah said...

You're not into fangirling?

You ever wonder what people are going to think about when they see your 'mom' out there waving bright glowsticks right along with you!? (-_-)

Jae's great and all, but teh humiliation!

*sigh* The things I do for ya, hunny..

Safura said...


aww.. you probably wont think twice about it when jae is like 10 feet away XDD

Tickets coming out this friday woman! keep an eye out.. check the blog everyday Xp