You can never be too sure of anything these days..

My head is in a complete mess with everything going on at once. 5 days at home was exactly what the dr ordered. But there was always that lingering worry at the back of my head.

Just finished a rough rough draft of my proposal(at around 3 last night). But i wonder if it is as convincing as i would have hoped. Sometimes i'm not even sure what information is relevant anymore and suddenly my sentences sound like some off topic rambling 0_o I just hope i can submit without too many glitches. I swear i'll write more comprehensively in my thesis! >_<

My babies just got neutered yesterday. I was so worried i opted to pray terawih at home so me and along could watch over them. It felt really awful somehow to have to do that to them. Especially when they look at you with such big eyes. The moment they came to they were already wobbling into our laps. Poor things. I'll have to make it up to them later. But at least i wont have to worry about unexpected new litter coming in. I think 12 felines at home for the moment is quite sufficient.

One good news this week is that our date bar for product development has gotten the green light to proceed. I was spazzing with along at home on what other ideas we could have done if the bar was rejected. There were some good ones like instant dutch babies. I haven't had those forever! But maybe we'll save that for when we open a bakery some day. Insya'allah ^_^

huh... need to be getting back to my assignments. Everything must be settle before Raye. I don't even want to think about anything else when i go back to rumah wan. >_<

ooh and we'll be making dodol this year. Abeslah sakit pinggang nak kacau. XD


Sofie Shah said...

Our babies are doing well! but tikus has become a lot more... ganaz.. (-_-)

I let them out for fifteen minutes after tarawih to dress their wounds, and she went nuts climbing on everything! I had to lock 'em all back up lest I wanted to see them trailing half their stomachs.. O_O; This is going to be one hellish week..

By the way, proposals are meant to sound like crap, hunny.. You do the research to determine if it isn't... XD

Safura said...

aah sodesu ne..

huhu well i'm sure she's just freaking out cuz of the hormonal imbalance. She'll be fine in a couple of days.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the other two. Poor things are lacking attention now. ^_^v

miss them already!