Certain Uncertainty

My brain can’t seem to snap out of vacation mode.

Or maybe classes this sem are just too confusing to handle. They weren’t kidding how much 6 months lapse could damage your memory -_-v Then to suddenly be bombarded with an FYP title that sounds as alien as it is complicated is just greeeeeaaaat!

So i guess this early depression should be classified as normal. Cuz i’m pretty damn sure every one of us is going through the exact same thing. Though it really isn’t helping me cope with the remaining 4 subjects this sem.

1.) FST 4824 Quality management – almost non-existent lecture who has a knack of giving her students palpitations and increased secretions of cortisol every time we enter her class. ( Though personally I kinda like how her brain is wired ^_~)

2.) FST 4703 Metabolism – welcome to the extremely confusing & complicatedly detailed world of metabolism mechanisms. The moment this class starts there’s a dead silence and everyone has that dumbfounded look plastered on their face. I’m sooo not kidding -_-v It’s one of those classes that when you finally get what he’s saying you feel like jumping up and down and tell the whole class. ^_^v

3.) FST 4701 Functional food chemistry – One of those classes where you wish you could use both hands to write notes simultaneously. Extremely fast and extremely student centered learning. And notes are all in forms of journals. Joy.

4.) FST 4828 Product Development – personally i think i like this class best. Despite the fact it’s a 6 hour lab with no chairs, PD really gets your creative juices going, if there’s still any left at the end of the week ^_^v Plus its group based so i guess the load doesn’t feel all too heavy.

Haish shincha, everything seems so complicated now. Feeling kinda lost, while i wait for that balance to come back. My FYP seems like something from a new course all together. So i can’t really sort out what i feel about it exactly. Excited at the prospects of learning tissue culture, nano ecapsulation and possibly QSAR modelling software but also there’s that agonizing anxiety that keeps asking if i’m up for it. It seems like a lot to handle. But thankfully my new supervisor is really helpful and smiles at me 24-7 ^^ I guess ade hikmah there somewhere.

Aja2 hwaiting!! >_<

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Sofie Shah said...

Adeh, I got home and I found out you weren't..

I guess both ends are going through some sort of withdrawal symptoms, ne?

I got info on the korean class, but discussing it with you over the phone seems a lot less fun..