Love it!! ^0^

Taken from JYJ3.net
Yes i know, i know...I've told myself countless times that i would abstain from the likes of Kim Jaejoong just for this month. But with all the posts of his new drama on SYC i just... i couldn't -_-v. i mean look at that gorgeous man and then tell me i'm at fault ><

Even though jae isn't the main lead and is a slightly evil character in the story, it's still pretty intriguing to watch him act. (We'll it's pretty intriguing to watch him period....) But i'm not just watching it for him. The lead characters and the plot are pretty nicely done too. And the OST that jae contributed to the drama is nothing short of amazing. I can listen to that voice every night before i fall to sleep <3.

Ok so why the gif above? Because there must be something said about dress shirts. Every man was made to wear dress shirts and KJJ is definitely on the top of my list for men in work attire ^_~ And plus i think the gif is just adorable like that XD.

That is all.

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