KFC fail

Yesterday, my morning was completely ruined by the likes of KFC.

I had started off from tanjung malim at roughly 6 in the morning to get to work on time. Since we actually reached serdang pretty early, my sis and i decided to grab some breakfast at the newly constructed petronas KFC just before the exit to UPM.

It was probably around 7.40 by then, and the banner up front  boasted " we serve breakfast from 7-11 am"

Not ONLY were the doors locked, there were actually workers inside who saw me and my sister trying to get in and did nothing. If the establishment wasn't up and ready SOMEONE should have had the courtesy  to say something. But no, one kept mopping the floor just a few feet away from us, while the person behind the counter hardly even gave us a glance. I checked if there was any opening date, considering the place was still  new. But none was posted.

Is it honestly so difficult to say that they're not open or will be open soon or not opening at all? Does it take so much effort to just open your mouths? When I read 7-11am service i EXPECT the doors to be open and ready to take orders by 7.40. Not only do i expect the establishment to be open, i expect food to be ready. By right, workers should be in at 6 to ensure food by 7.

Getting no feedback whatsoever my sis and i headed to the KFC at Sri Serdang. Again, the service there was severely testing my patience. I considered that maybe the boy manning the front station might have been new. But even with that in mind, there was never a slower service in the history of fast food services. And again, no apology whatsoever, while they took forever to prepare just 2 orders. Mind you, i was the only person in the joint. -_-v

I don't know... it just irks me when people don't consider others, especially in a professional setting. It's a service you are providing. Take pride in it. Understand that when people grab morning breakfasts, they actually have to get to work and have no time for you to take forever to scoop out porridge into a bowl.


Opie said...

Well said.. now, can I just take this and post it on a KFC website somewhere? :p

Opie said...

Nghehehe.. and post it I did! ^^

Let's see what they have to say for themselves now, hm?

Unknown said...

hah where? mwuahahahahaha