Travelogue : Istanbul Day 4

Today was specifically reserved for shopping ^^

And since my mom could take a day off from her conference she came along for the trip.

Take the funicular at taksim -----> kabatash - take tramway (T1) ------>; Beyazit station.

Here we found the Grand Bazaar full of your souvenir needs. The first row we entered were full of gold and jewelry. I am not really sure of the authenticity of these trinklets, so shop at your own risk. Some of them do look pretty legit. But we were focusing our efforts more towards spices, teas, and sweet. And lemme tell you there is a whole lot to choose from. I didn't even know there were so many kinds of turkish delights until i saw them in front of my eyes.

There are however temperamental shop owners who seem to take offense if you leave their shop without buying -_-v. Its pretty much Beijing all over again. But since the Lira currency is higher than the malaysian ringgit, we had to be a bit more choosy in the things we pick out. I wouldnt say things are very cheap. But affordable. Plenty of pouches, trinklets and magnets to pick out for them peeps back home.

There is also a huge mosque at the and of the strip where we had to drop off my mom because she had a sudden vertigo attack. Shopping pun shopping, solat itu wajibulghunnah. Visiting the grand bazaar would have been that much more awesome if we were able to taste test everything they had in the stores. Seriously, if you're a sweet tooth, this is the place to be. We pretty much settled 90% of souvenir shopping here.

Afterwards we headed home for break fast where we bought some kebabs. Terawih was as usual up to 1  am. But being wayyy exhausted we thought of lazing back the next day. We almost didn't make it to the cruise ^_~ coming up next!

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