This is probably what i look like every time i step into a class at 8. -_-v Its seriously embarrassing having telltale signs of deprived sleep plastered on your face for the whole world to see. Damn my schedule this semester, all my classes are in the morning T-T

I've just successfully finished the career program i was handling with afiq last sunday. To my surprise it actually went pretty well ^_^ Given that most of the committee were hand picked neways. It had BETTER gone well. But seriously the perks of working with people you know really relieves a lot of stress. Which i'm very prone to these days. That night we had a belated birthday party for hana and me. All was well before they poured curry and aca and soda on the both of us. Which was expected. Like bapak said.. once a year ^_^ Getting old has its setbacks.. Nyuhuhuhu

Less than two weeks left before finals. Thank god i already secured my industrial training. KHH Double lion (Arrrrrrrrr ^_^) But even then, i have this unsettling feeling at the pit of my stomach. I just hope things go smoothly for the next six months. It would be total hell if i'm stuck doing the same lab work day after day. Brain dead i tell ya.

Neways.. need to start diggin into them notes.. God knows how many hours to revise 7 subjects. Not counting writing them out. Dooms day on the 29th

Pray for me >_<

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