Interaction Skills..

Why the title?

I've actually just finished my interaction skills class. One that i am starting to dread even less now. I guess some teachers understand that not all classes have the obligation to put a burden on their students already sagging shoulders thank god..

But i was slightly irked today.

We were supposed to be doing a practice run for our public speaking test next week. I mean it is an interactive skills class people, anybody who didn't see it coming must have been blind. But anyway we were put in groups of four with one speaker and another 4 interactors. Personally I didn't think it would have been so bad. Though public speaking may not really be my forte, its just talking. Way better than sitting listening to a 2 hour lecture anyday.

So the conversation began. And that was the moment i started feeling a bit stressed out.

Ever disliked somebody for the way they talked? Nevermind the subject. Just... the way they talked. Intonation, body language, the works. Maybe some would say i'm a bit too judgemental. But i think even when talking about something offensive, you can still put it in a way that helps buffer whatever statement you want to give.

The topic was FAR from offensive and yet there i was feeling increasingly annoyed at this one particular speaker. First off, no effort whatsoever. I understand he may have had to take the class just to fulfill UPM requirements and he's not really there out of his own will. But look around and he'll see another 29 students going through the exact same predicament. He didn't even try to elaborate. Just kept giggling and saying that he did not understand the topic which CLEARLY was not asking him to explain the laws of physics -_-v I mean come on people... we're 20-21 years old. Grow up. Doing things half assed isn't going to get you anywhere.

Secondly were the comments. I mean i know you are entitled to your opinions. But sometimes opinions should really have substance before you plan on giving them. Answers like "i don't think it's fair cuz i don't think it's unfair" just really makes you look dumb. Honestly... >_<>
Finally was the fact that he wanted to impose his way of thinking on the whole group. It's a discussion. You suggest. Not blatantly state what you think is right and what everyone else thinks is just trash. I mean, you don't even need to go to class to learn that -_-v apparently it came to my attention that the class was actually meant for people like him.

Fuh.. ok done venting.

But in addition to my already sour mood at the level of maturity in university students i found out, that i had failed one of my tests. Failed.

So that brings down my mood meter down significantly. Especially when i can't seem to come to terms with the questions on that test. Serious retaliation on my part >_<

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Sofie Shah said...

Aish, it's always sad when you're put in a group with arses who don't think the world will benefit from them growing up..

Well, look on the bright side.. At least you know you've surpassed the kindergarten years.

Some people are cursed to stay there forever and never realize a moment of it! ^^