Lost somewhere

I’ve been feeling kind of restless lately.

Like there’s something wedged at the back of my mind. Something to do with someone, something, work, I just can’t seem to place my finger on it. And I’m always longing for something. Like that feeling where you should be doing something but you’re just not sure what that something is. But it drives you crazy because you feel like you really need to be doing something. Maybe a better word to describe it would be discontent or unsatisfied. But that gives too much of a negative connotation to the feeling.

Haish.. maybe I just need to get some rest.

Work doesn’t seem to be too bad. Not too much work and not too little. Internal audit season is coming up though. So I guess the work load will increase. Don’t mind it so much. Except for the fact that the three of us have no training what so ever in auditing a company. Which is perfectly acceptable for a 3rd year intern. Unfortunately the whole scheduling and check listing has been left to us. I mean I appreciate the vote of confidence if that’s what it is and also the experience, but for the sake of the company I really don’t think it would fly well once the external auditors come and officially inspect us. Whatever happens thank god we won’t beheld liable.

My babies have fattened up quite nicely =) Especially bear. He drinks milk like a baby, on his back with all 4 paws holding up the bottle. I don’t get to feed them in the morning anymore but I do give them milk after work and then again at night. My arms and legs are full of little red lines from their claws. They transform to little devils once they catch site if the milk bottle I tell ya. I’m becoming the human foot hill. But those enormous eyes really make your day. There’s just something totally therapeutic about warm fat furry kittens. ^_~


Anonymous said...

due to unfavorable internet connection..i must let you know that u just posted the post twice..

do make some adjustment..my eyes hurt just by seeing em..

and also..i must say this..


Safura said...

to anonymous,

you are such a child >=p

Anonymous said...

i trying hard to believe that mam..but i afraid i cant..

in fact..u are teh child...
xbest btol ckp english nih..

kamu tu yg budak2 busuk!!!

Safura said...

uwek, kamu yg kanak2 okeh.. trime kenyataan Xp

Sofie Shah said...

uhuhu.. I miss my babies! T_T

Well, Kuching is turning out to be quite alright I guess..^^

Btw, you need to get more powdered milk. Get the Dutch Lady Madu kind. They like those best and it doesn't give them diarrhea..

I tell you, if they end up getting sick, you are soooo dead hunny.. ~.^

And tell them mummy will be home soon.. *sob* (O_O)

Safura said...

hey i specifically told mom to buy the madu kind ^_^

and they know how to lick now. So kakak gives them water when i'm not around. Still bottle feed them though.

they are not gonna get sick. Haish Xp