Self Satisfaction

I took leave last saturday to attend 'Bengkel Ko-Kauselor Kepimpinan Muda' at Gunun Ledang Resort Johor..

Partly cause i felt guilty that i couldn't help or participate in any of the other programs Al-Biruni has been planning. And partly i was feeling a bit lost in routine from work..

The course was surprisingly entertaining, learning things such as empathy, body language, and the process of exploring a person's mind. I've been listening to people all my life. Be it family, friends, sometimes even acquaintances. But i never considered venting to other people myself. I'm not sure if that's an issue of self confidence or trust. But i guess the only other person i do vent to is along. Though i totally understand the peace of mind one gets when someone is there just to listen to their problems. That's why i don't mind so much doing it for other people.

I was especially motivated by the closing speech from both safuan and the pengarah of Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen. I'm not really sure why. But you know that feeling you get in you chest when someone is talking about something that means a lot to you. That feeling that almost feels like you want to cry, not because what they are saying is sad, but because you know the passion that that person is feeling about the things they stand up for. I'm not trying to sound all erm.. whats the word -_-v But i can't exactly explain it either.

Whatever it was, i was left feeling motivated, enlightened and somewhat contented. I remembered back to when me and along had envisioned one day of setting up a non-profitable agency for the development of young minds, and realizing that i really wanted that dream to come true. Because I think i understand what it means by personal satisfaction now, and apparently it's not about you at all ^_~

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Hanis Kamis said...

eh eh don give up la

impian kau tu dh tinggi dan hebat.

apa kata cuba usahakan.