It's been a week now since my trip to Beijing.

I've been wanting to update, but my masters was really demanding my time from the moment i got back, so forgive the lag time.

Personally, I liked Beijing. Liked it a lot. Despite the fact that I was perpetually frozen, it was very nice. Time moves a lot slower there. People are in no hurry to get places, though i don't know if that was a side affect of cold weather. And even though they spoke like they were screaming, they seemed like good people. Well, for the most part.

Our tour guide was named Jenny. She actually spoke Indonesian which took a little getting used to, but she was very nice and told us a whole lot of stories on Beijing. I for one am a sucker for good history. There was also a whole lot of shopping. Bargaining was done at 90% less than given price. Screaming and tugging was the modus operandi. But i have to say, imitations in China aren't half bad. God knows I saw many people swindled for their money.

This was our room. You can imagine my surprise at the bathroom walls or lack there of. -_-v

The food was exceptionally good in my opinion. Lots of veges and their rice was soft and aromatic. And plus they were very generous with their portions. I don't think i have ever eaten with that much lauk ever.

 This is Kak Liz and her husband. My sis and I actually went because she asked us to accompany her. She's very nice.

 The fruits down there are awesome. Sweet and firm and vibrant. I guess the cold weather makes things seem a lot fresher.

 These are silk balls. To be perfectly honest I was more than tempted to but the silk blankets that they sold here. But alas, money doesn't grow on trees -_-v

One of the mosques that we stopped by for prayer. The structures were very pretty. The places to pray for women was minimal. But i guess not a lot of their women go to the mosque at any one time.

 This was the summer palace. Apparently all man made for the King's mother. Even the hills and and the lakes. Amazing how people back in the day got what they wanted.

 Oooh these were awesome. Sweet and warm and pretty cheap. Our snacks in between meals.

In Front of the reflexology office. The foot massages were nice. The palm readings were a bit scary. But we 
did get ourselves some foot soaks while we were here.

 Here's the whole group. Minus me since i'm taking the pic. Very sporting people. Shopaholics if i may say so myself XD. But it was fun!

And there it is. The Great Wall of China. I didn't climb all the way up. The steps were really steep. My knees were actually shaking on the way down.

 Our free gifts at the pearl jade store. To be fair every one got free gifts even when the translator told us that only our room got them. Marketing tricks. ^^

And here is the forbidden city. I would have liked to have enjoyed the scenery without the throngs of people. But I really couldn't ask much since it was the school holidays. It was almost like mini malaysia there. Especially at the restaurants.

All in all it was a nice 6 day getaway for RM 1550. Most of the money brought was not spent on myself. But i did get myself some nice bags. Maybe next time i'll be more prepared to shop till i drop. Mwuahahaha. Next stop. Australia or Macau. Well See ^_~

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