Travelogue : Jogjakarta Day 3

We were finally able to squeeze in some informative sight seeing on the third day. Given the previous shopping, we chose to start off our day with a visit to the Taman Sari water castle. But before anything else, we stopped by an awesome little place for breakfast. Syarifah bubur ayam or chicken porridge. Definitely could give McD a run for their money. Hands down the best I have ever tasted so far, not counting the cheapest too ^^, and I am an avid supporter of bubur ayam anywhere anytime. The thick rice porridge is served with all it’s condiments and the sauce is supplied on the table in simple ketchup bottles. You can choose to have either spicy on savory or both. I honestly didn’t think the spicy was even spicy at all, but whatever it was, breakfast got 5 stars in my book, along with a serving of hot lemon tea.

It was still drizzling when we arrived at the water castle. Putri told us that if it rained any harder, they would close the place to visitors due to the slippery floor. Thankfully, the rain was just letting when we bought our tickets for 5,000 rp. An extra charge is imposed on those who bring cameras for pictures. The water castle was where royalty bathed back in the day. The king would be able to look down upon his mistresses from a tower at the end of the pool. And if he sought one out, they were privileged to go into the back private pool to bathe with him. We ventured up to the top of the tower, though the staircases were quite narrow and steep. Another thing, I would advise those who come to bring extra wet tissues as well as hand sanitizers if possible. The stair handles were pretty sticky and after a short consensus our group agreed that it smelled of wet socks. Now not to put shame to the place, maybe because it was raining, but I do implore anyone who goes to be prepared. It was a bit sad to see that the inner walls of the tower were quite heavily vandalized. All it needs is a little paint job and all will be good.

Our next stop was the Kraton or castle. Till this day, royalty still resides in these premises, so the kraton is only open up certain hours and not fully accessible to visitors. The tickets cost us around 7,000 rp.Our tourguide was an easy going lady who seemed to have her fair share of photographing tourists. It was nice to let go of the camera and pose together with the rest of the group for awhile ^_~. The castle, though nothing like the towering edifices in Europe was intricately made with architectural influences from several place such as Dutch and France. I was particularly attracted to the royal seal. It looked so old and classic. Here we were once again swarmed by high schoolers on a class trip and Putri, being the ever vigilant noona recognized the same batch from Manding.


Afterwards we took a considerable walk to the famous Molioboro Street. If you haven’t set food here, then you have not been to Jogja. Something similar to Jalan T.A.R in Malaysia. Our first pit stop was Mirota Batik. There were endless assortments of blouses, skirts, bags, and telekung to choose from. I myself sought out cloth to make baju kurung. Some of the designs were very cheap ranging from 14,000 – 35,000 rp per meter. We also bought a couple souvenirs here on the 2nd floor. Our keychains cost around 6,000 rp each. If you decide to go cheaper than this however, Malioboro street has plenty of different styles in packets of 10 =)

We stopped by a small store to try some Pempek for lunch. What is pempek? It’s kind of like surimee, combined with other things like tofu and eggs etc. What’s special about it is the sauce. Putri said it’s made out of vinegar, and there is a slight tangy taste to it, but not as sharp as you would expect. The combination with the pempet however is sooooo delicious. The menu size is suitable for snacking. It is advisable that you take more than one order to fill a hungry belly. To be fair though, mine cost I think around 6,500 RP. Which is hardly up to RM 2. (So freaking cheap I can’t even.)

After hanging out for a bit, since our legs were getting numb while our shopping bags were multiplying, we headed off to the t-shirt vendors on the street itself. So far, I think the best quality t-shirts that I’ve seen for under RM10 / 30,000 rp. Good thick quality fabric with up to date designs. Not like the langkawi or pangkor t-shirts we have here (with kain like plastic -_-). Even then we had the cheek to ask the ajushi to reduce the price since we were buying bulk.. eheheh ^^v. All in all probably close to 30 t-shirts total. They even came in cute paper bags. A note of caution though, just like their small fingers, the shirt sizes in Jogja are slightly smaller than normal. More towards slim fit if you know what I mean. And some of the t-shirts have slightly different sizes even when both are written “L”. My experience was that the white t-shirts with print were slightly of smaller cutting compared to the black ones. So choose carefully. By the time we got all we wanted, our limbs were hardly functional. We decided to wait for Putri’s dad at Malioboro Mall. Here we lazed around at J-co with some donuts which were hecka cheap. Then we went to the department store where Zafu decided to borong 30 packets of Nano2 for her personal stash.

Putri’s dad dropped us off at Kedai Rakya Djelata for dinner, where we revisited the roti bakar but this time we went savory. I must admit though I preferred the sweet dishes better, but it was still good food. Before we left, Zafu got a little lovin from one of the workers. (Dititipkan salam lah dikatakan). I guess he couldn’t handle the hot pink blouse she was wearing. How nice to witness love blossoming in Jogja. Mwuahahahah, to bad, that was our last visit and thus, woe to the dude who had set his eyes on my single friend. Ehehehehehe.

Day 4: Borobudur & Kaliurang (Mount Merapi)

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