This is a blog of a small yet some say distructive teen.
at least thats what they say....
personally i dun think i'm THAT small.... per sey....
just.. er.. maybe not done growing yet?


Being the youngest of 4 siblings.. i might be just a little dependent on my brothers an sisters. So sue me.. i didn't ask to be born last people.. >_< Totally NOT my fault that i am the type two shamelessly asks for anything and everything i want from older members of society..
though mind u... it has a 90 percent failure rate most of the time.. -_-v

But aside from the selfishness, the sudden bursts of rage and faul language, the total inconsideration for other people, the constant nagging at my parents,... huhu ok2 seriously if i was that bad then i'd do everyone a favor n hang myself. I'm a friendly person.... really... no really really........no REALLY REALLLY! >_<

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