This morning i was downstairs getting my packed lunch ready for work when my dad turned on the tv to "Tanyalah Ustaz".  It seems this is my daily routine now before stepping out the door.

Anyways, the topic of discussion today was "keluarga bahagia" or something along those lines. The ustaz was saying "jagalah sekufu itu apabila sudah berkahwin." I mean usually people tell me "carilah yang sekufu" which generally pertains to pre marriage criterias. But it never really dawned on me that it is still important to observe kesekufuan (hahah is that even a word ^^v) even after wedlock. Clueless i know.. -_-v

The ustaz goes on to say that sometimes after 5 years the gap between wife and husband could potentially become so great that they may no longer understand each other. Which i think is really scary 0_0. Is that why initial wedding bliss only last up to 2-3 years? Because the mindset starts to drift apart and suddenly you cant make out what the other person is thinking?

but now lets go back to the "carilah yang sekufu" part. Know the saying opposites attract? I tend to think that people with similar mindsets and values are usually similar in character. So where does this saying actually come from? Does the way you see things effect your disposition? huhu at times like these i wish i had taken psychology during my degree. But like forest gump says:

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know 
what you gonna get. 

(or who for that matter ^^)


Sofie Shah said...

Ah, good entry!

I don't think 'sekufu' is necessarily having the same mindset, preferences or commonalities. I mean, you can be vastly different from one another ~which is logical because who you are depends on personal upbringing and experiences~ but you can still principally or essentially believe in the same ideals..

On the other hand though, 'opposites attract' could simply refer to the fact that in a relationship/marriage, two people need to complement or complete each other to make it work, no? which would require each partner to be slightly different then, doesn't it? ;p

Consider this: Appa & Umma make an excellent team, don't they? but you gotta admit they're as heaven and earth as two people could ever get! =~.^=

~Kecikjer~ said...

aaah so desu ^_~

i guess there can be so many opposites with actually the same essence ne..