To review or not to review... that is the question.

I have in all honesty been pondering whether or not to write book reviews on this blog.

Not only because great books are so hard to come by, but reading is one of my more favorite past times. If i had done this earlier there would be pages upon pages of awesome books to recommend. However, my mind being one that tends to run away with itself, i can't give proper synopsis of the previous books i've read anymore. All i know is they were damn good!

So if i'm up to it i'll write if not then well.. too bad haha. I'm currently reading one now. Don't seem to have a lot of time for books these days though, what with the exhaustion and all. But i'll try to wrap it up soon ^^. But as starters lets give a review on one of my recently love interests ^^

Title: The Historian
Author: Elizabeth Kostova
Genre: Historical, Supernatural

This book was written in first person narrative. Beginning with a young girl's discovery of old yellowed letters in her fathers study addressed to a "dear and unfortunate successor" The story is a rich mixture of history geography and the supernatural all focused on the discovery of new letters and documents which a are uncovered throughout her journey. Heavy reading which requires quite a bit of focus seeing that there are about 3 different stories woven together, all of which concludes simultaneously. A whole lot of descriptive writing (my favorite!) on castles, old cities, crypts and the like   It's difficult to give a proper summary for this book seeing that there are soo many things occurring at once. But i must say i couldn't put this book down. The scope  is huge, it feels like your're really going to different continents with the main character. And for those who have a certain fondness towards the vampiric folklore then i'm sure this will be your cup of tea ^_~

Lenght: 700+ pages of tiny print
Personal rating: ***** 5/5

on a lighter note i've been blogging quite regularly for the past month ne? Good for me =) mwuahahah

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