Of Lenses, Needles, and Steering Wheels...

aI can't believe it's Monday already..

Weekends are soo not what they used to be -_-v. Especially when you're working Saturdays (be it half day). And then your Sundays get ruined cuz It'll be Monday all over again >_< It's an evil evil cycle. Whoever said that we needed to work 6 out of 7 days should be hunted down. I'm just saying..

Ne who, last saturday along and i went to O.U to pick up our new copy of the digital exposure handbook we ordered from MPH. We actually found this book way back at the bookfair in KLCC. It sold out when we finally decided to buy, and consequently enough the book wasn't on sale locally. I haven't even gotten around to reading this yet. But i t did look awesome when i was leafing through it the other day. Even though our DSLR is still pretty basic ( what do i mean pretty, i'ts as basic as they get ^^v) along and i though we should at least learn fundamentals before just messing around and taking pictures. But getting the book gradually brought us back to the camera shop where the Rebel was first purchased. We had a lengthy talk with the uncle about what lenses we should be considering next.

So we finally agreed that the more practical and doable choice for two people with collective less than 3k per month would be the 18-200mm lens. Even then, this particular one would cost almost as much as the Rebel itself ^^v Nyuhuhuh, just a reminder that photography ain't a cheap hobby to begin with. No matter, i still see it as a worthy investment. Just like the tagline:

 "Delighting you always" =)

So after accepting the fact that saving up for the upgrade lenses would take us quite a few months we said goodbye to the very nice uncle and headed home. Unbeknownst to us was the car exhibition being held at the oval. I'm usually not a car person honestly. But the Hyundai i10 was just too cute to ignore ><
Given when compared to the Myvi, it has a smaller interior for pretty much the same price. But then considering I can hardly see past the dashboard in our current one (yes.. admitting ones weaknesses is the path towards self love) i was falling fast for this cute cuddly looking car. It may not be suitable for family use. Especially my family seing how ganas everyone is. But it would definitely fit a single working female. Mwuahahahahhaha XDDD Okeh berangan skejap dah ade lesen and a full time high paying job XDD A girl can dream right? ^0^.

And finally yesterday along and i sucessfully finished our first of three if you would believe it.. sewing classes. Surprisingly exhausting if i may say so myself. Now i know why they charge so freakishly expensive rates. But then again, us being beginners it did kind of make sense. We're currently taking classes only for the traditional baju kurung. I had wanted to learn kurung pahang, but that was just getting way ahead of myself. It was really funny how accomplished i felt after just the first class. Potong kain je pun ^^v Belum  officially masuk bab menjahit pun lagi. XD
A friend later asked me "Kamu rase pandai jahit or pandai masak tu crucial ke?" And i was thinking, i guess as a woman those things are important. Maybe not crucial, but it does make me feel just a tad bit more proud of myself. (not in the overly riak takbur kind of way of course -_-v). So after this, it's into the kitchen!
Disclaimer: all photos taken from Google Images <3

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