Confessions of a YJ Shipper #1

 "The thing about watching YJ is, you're grinning like an idiot one second, and then horribly depressed the next."



Sofie Shah said...

Not to mention a plethora of feelings in between that! XD

YJ stans are just very emotional beings. Does it surprise you? I mean, look who we're shipping.. (=____=)

Besides, how else would you explain the drive we have to scour for evidences whenever they're together?

Heck, it's gotten worse.. these days, even separate incidences contain YJ evidence!! ;p

Sofie Shah said...
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~Kecikjer~ said...

Haish they drive me crazy ><

but thats why i luv thme =)

Anonymous said...

True... Hwaiting fellow Cassiopeias! our YJ and DB5K will return!