Petknode: You'll get yours.

It's all over the social websites. The pet boarding nightmare that happened while everyone was off happily celebrating Raya. Abandoned cats and dogs left to wallow in their own urine and feces while being caged. 16 cats unfortunately didn't make it. Thank god there were good souls that went to rescue these animals. It makes me sick that sane people can actually do this.

It makes me even more sick when i think of how traumatized owners would be to find their cats lifeless. What's worse, imagine if someone had sent more than one pet to that god forsaken place. I can only give my sympathies...Owners who board their pets are those who consider their pets family. They even go out of their way to ensure that their pets are taken care of while they're away. But to be met with such tragic news, it makes me think of my own babies at home =(

We transported a total of 9 cats back to kampung this raya. 3 carriers, 1 cage and 3 cars. Crazy business. Usually my family would board at least some, but seeing that we had not made early booking, there really was no other choice. But i'd do it again any day than to risk seeing something i love so much tortured that way. Even imagining myself in those owners shoes i get teary eyed. I really hope justice will be served.

I was further saddened when i saw comments stating that humans are dying around the world and yet people make a big fuss out of cats. Is it wrong to to be enraged by cruelty? To animals who can't even fend for themselves no less. I'm not saying i prefer animals over humans when i choose to be upset over tragic news. Why can't we be sensitive to both humans and animals alike? Maybe for people who have never considered a pet as a family member, it would seem foreign.

But for me it's like second nature.

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