I have found myself another awesome tublr to latch myself unto. For the life of me i still don't how the darn thing works though -_-v. Ne who, some tidbits that made me smile and cry at the same time. ><

Junsu: always irrelevant XD

And the way the rest look on.. lololol!

Violent junsu 0_o

My all time favorite double smack XD

Ohh Junsu ya.. -_-v

LOLOLOLOL! The extent of yoosu love XD
So what are you sayin Min 0_o
Cuz u don't see that too often anymore T-T

Junsu: black sheep of the family XD

Oh good god i freaking miss them ><

. All gifts fromhttp://yunbeokki.tumblr.com


Sofie Shah said...


Kyoooooo! >.<

Anonymous said...
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