Balik Kampung Wooooohooooo... Balik Kampung ♪

There are only a few days of Ramadhan left.

Honestly, it went by so quickly this year. Maybe working does that to you. It's kind of sad. To think that for a month there's this structure that everyone follows and everyone adheres to and then suddenly all bets are off and we're back to living life how we want to. It's a lot easier to be good, when we're all doing it together no?

But a part of me is excited for Raya as i'm sure everyone else is. It'll be a little different this year though for the Shah Familial Institution. But of course, we're no strangers to change ^^v.

The little drama of my stolen EOS Rebel has finally been remedied, thank god for that, or I would have been spending the better half of pagi raya crying my eyes out.

Hopefully we will all be in good health to see the coming Ramadhan. And hopefully we can all istiqamah in our   ibadah till then.

Selamat Hari Raya Everyone! =)

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menjelang syawal HARI RAYA PERTAMA