House Husband?

So in all honesty the week of presumed torture hasn't really lived up to its name.

The Shah Familial Institution is still running fine.
And though i'd hate to admit it,
a lot of the burdensome chores have been handled by none other than my bro ^^
i was at work ok Xp

I think he's taking up his role as a houseband pretty well ^^
I mean i can see why some women prefer it. lolololol!

I'm proud to say we made it through 3 days of cooking dinner without a single person coming down with indigestion. That in itself is already an achievement in my book. *smug*

Unfortunately one of my kittens passed away yesterday. But, there nothing we could have done to prevent that. Even after a visit to the vet, she didn't make it through the night.

Along should be coming home by this Saturday. So everything should be back to normal then =)

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