Oh penat..

And today will mark the first day of what promises to be a grueling week.

My sister is off to Penang for a week to finish up her write up.
And thought i'm glad she'll finally be getting that settled..
It would leave me all by my lonesome to handle a household of 4.

Now i know it might seem over exaggerating in the least to say that I have to handle it all.
But considering,

I have handle cats & cat litter in the morning,
I have to handle house cleaning chores after work,
I have to handle cooking with my bro, + dishes and all that entails
I have to handle washing clothes, hanging and folding,
and then I still have to handle 9 cats again at night before bedtime.

all of which can be considered as my night shift with no pay.

It would be nice to get married. Then at least i'll have a husband to complain to when i get too exhausted to think. LOL.

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