Xkan Macam tu Skali kut... kan..?

Have you ever wondered about the protagonist?
Every story has one. The bad guy, the schemer, the abuser etc.

Ever thought that they only existed in movies?
Especially when some stories depict these characters as the reincarnation of evil without really a reason to why?

Take sesetengah drama melayu.
Bila jahil tu... Jahil bebenor..
Bila jahat tu.. perangai macam شيطان
Any background story? Nope. 
Just because every script needs a bad guy where we can channel all the boo's and complaints to.

But then how about Japanese dramas where there  never really is a clear protagonist?
Where you actually want to root for the other guy 
cause his life is so crappy, 
or because of an extreme childhood 
or maybe because of protecting an unrequited love
they had to follow the less agreeable path.
"Tortured souls"
because when it comes down to it, no human being is evil by nature. 
And this change in nature tortures their psyche.

So why suddenly this post?

Because believe it or not,
the protagonists that we usually believe only exist in the movies and dramas we see, the ones where we think

"uish takkan macam tu skali kut."

these characters, actually do exist.
Albeit a small minority of the world's population, because if not we're all doomed
but still walking among us as if they suffer a genetic defect that renders them unable to feel remorse or respect towards anyone else. 

What's worse, imagine this person playing an actual part in your life. 
The kind of person who thinks that courtesy and respect are just words without real meaning
The kind of person who resorts to barbaric or cavemen ways to get what they want
The kind of person who preaches others responsibilities, but are ignorant to their own
The kind of person who talks big, but is too insecure to act
The kind of person who makes you want to walk the other way just at the sight of them
The kind of person who has no excuse for the mess of a person they are.

I've always thought that i could never hate someone. Because isn't hate too strong of a word to use against anyone? But then how do you describe that sinking, disgusted, heart sickening feeling that makes you want to moan and scream at the same time? Imagine having that feeling so often, that sometimes it just consumes you.

This person who plants a rotting seed in your soul and nurtures it with insults, abuse, and downright disregard for your right as a human being. Damaging you without your consent. So no human is evil by nature? Then would it be vile to hope that these kinds of people suffer from perpetual internal torture and self loathing in the least?


Sofie Shah said...

I think it is a never-ending cycle; the continuous chicken-and-egg dilemma..

Consider this: "Perpetual internal torture and self-loathing" may be more of a cause, rather than effect.. (-______-)v

Himnaesaeyo, dongsaengi! ^^

~Kecikjer~ said...

hm i thought of that too. -_-v

its all so depressing grrr..